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    88 products


    Here you will find all the delicious news from our different collections. Stay updated here on the website and see all the new styles as soon as they hit the webshop. Whether you are looking for pants, tops, or sweat suits, you will find it all here.

    Give your wardrobe new life with new items from Venderby's

    Do you know that feeling when you sometimes look at your wardrobe and think that you actually don't really feel like wearing any of the clothes? Then it may be time to get some new and fresh input. This typically happens in connection with a new season - perhaps the summer clothes from last year are not quite as exciting this year, or maybe you just need something new to combine them with. Sometimes it doesn't take much to make your wardrobe feel new again.

    At Venderby's, you can explore all our current news here. We continuously launch new models, colors, and collections so that you can always look stylish and fashion-conscious. We love to produce delicious and comfortable clothes that reflect the trends of the time and let you express who you are. Whether it is the summer or winter wardrobe that needs updating - or whether you just need something new to happen, you can shop for delicious news here.

    Find the newest tops for all seasons

    We take pride in always offering a large selection of basic tops. With a good basic top, you open up even more possibilities for your outfit - you can use it under a blazer in winter, without anything over it in summer, or you can use it as an extra, warming layer under a hoodie or sweatshirt.

    And although we describe our tops as basic, there is, of course, room for news here as well. New colors and cuts are constantly coming, so you can shop for exactly the top that is missing from your collection of clothes. In our opinion, a basic top can also easily have cool details such as an open back, which lifts it to another level than the classic basic top. Keep a close eye on the page if you need something to breathe new life into your collection of tops, which can be used both alone or under another sweater or jacket.

    Follow us when we launch new pants

    One of the things we are best known for at Venderby's is our pants with a fantastic fit. Here too, there are constantly news to follow, and we make an effort to constantly reflect the current fashion image with both the right cut and the right colors. However, what our many different types of pants have in common is that they are made with a focus on a beautiful and tight-fitting waist and more width in the legs.

    Maybe you have found your favorite pants model but want a new color that suits the season. There are, of course, no rules, but many people like the lighter models in summer and the darker ones in winter. It may also be that your collection mainly consists of simple and classic pants like Vera Wide and Levi, and you want to supplement with a pair of cool and slightly more edgy canvas pants. Remember also to keep a good eye on our Tall collection if you have beautiful, long legs and therefore need extra length on your pants.

    Do you need loungewear in a new color or style?

    The VDB collection is the delicious and soft loungewear that can be used for a Sunday on the couch and a shopping trip with friends. There is plenty to choose from, and of course, new colors and styles are constantly being added. For example, we have both a classic sweatshirt, a hoodie, and a zipper sweatshirt - all in several different colors and with different types of logos.

    As a lower part, you'll find both classic sweatpants with plenty of room and fleece inside, which makes them super comfortable to wear, and our more form-fitting rib pants. Both fit perfectly with the sporty and comfortable tops that you'll also find in this category.

    When we launch news within our loungewear, it is often with a focus on new, cool colors that match the season and fashion trends - so keep a close eye if you, like us, love to jump into a lovely sweatsuit that also makes you look fantastic.

    New Limited collections - pay extra attention here!

    Sometimes we launch cool Limited collections where we try out things that are not normally part of our collections. It could be feminine tops with glitter, a special dress collection, or something completely different. As the name suggests, these collections are only available in a limited number, and therefore you need to be even more attentive to when they hit the webshop. You can do this by regularly checking the page, or you can follow us on Instagram, where we always announce new styles and collections. On Instagram, you also get plenty of tips for styling all of our items, both from us and our fantastic customers.