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    26 products

    At Venderby's we have a wide selection of bottoms for the winter months, warm summer days, and transition periods. All of our styles are modern and elegant, with the perfect fit in mind. You can see our entire range on this page.

    Create a baggy look with bottoms from Venderby's

    The current fashion trend calls for a looser and more relaxed look. We see, for example, how an oversized hoodie or sweatshirt dominates the style in the cityscape. The loose and comfortable fit is not only expressed in the tops, but also in jeans and trousers. The fit may be loose and elegant, and that's what you get with our bottoms from Venderby's.

    So when is a baggy outfit the best solution? If you, for example, have a long day of teaching, a pair of tight jeans and a tight-fitting top may be a little uncomfortable in the long run. A bottom with a baggy fit makes the day a little more comfortable to get through - even in a fashion-conscious and casual way.

    Combine a tight top with baggy bottoms for a dynamic look

    There is no doubt that a baggy fit is super fashionable, but you can easily combine the loose with the tight. A tight top with baggy bottoms gives a smart look, for example, if you are going out. With this dynamic style, you combine the relaxed with a fresh touch to your outfit. A tight top puts your feminine curves in focus, while your expression still has a casual undertone.

    You have probably also experienced that a pair of loose-fitting trousers can feel heavy and warm to wear. Of course, this doesn't matter in the cold Danish winter months, but it can feel uncomfortable when the sun finally stands high in the sky again. Generally, our women's bottoms are designed in a soft and comfortable material that allows you to wear them without feeling too hot. But if you, for example, wear a pair of our popular Lexi Jeans, it is definitely recommended to mix the relaxed look from the bottoms with a loose and airy top.

    Whether you are looking for a loose and trendy blazer or a tight-fitting top for your wardrobe, you can find a wide selection of tops at Venderby's.

    Experience the perfect fit with women's bottoms from Venderby's

    At Venderby's, we believe that a tight fit never goes out of style. That is why you will find plenty of styles with a high-waisted and tight fit around the hips when you shop for bottoms from Venderby's. Comfort and fit are two fundamental parts of our DNA, and we always strive to create styles that give you a modern and luxurious look while making you feel comfortable and at ease when you wear your item.

    In our selection of bottoms, you will find, among others:

    - Jeans

    - Trousers

    - Loungewear

    - Athleisure

    No matter what kind of bottom you choose, you will always get something recognizable in our styles. Our identity is expressed in the perfect fit, and this applies to all of our bottoms. A perfect fit is the foundation when we design our bottoms, and that is what makes styles from Venderby's very special.

    At Venderby's, you will find both timeless and modern styles in our range of women's bottoms

    In our range, you will find something for every occasion. For example, we have our jeans, which are a safe go-to if you are unsure how to put together an outfit. You will also find more seasonal designs, as we always strive to represent the latest fashion.


    Do you have any questions about our women's bottoms? If you have any questions about our bottoms, you can always contact us on weekdays from 10-14 at +45 42 51 61 30. If you're looking for inspiration on how to style bottoms, you can also visit our Instagram profile. Here you can see how other women have styled their Venderby's items. We look forward to helping you!