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    5 products

    Striped Pants

    Buy a pair of striped pants that stand out

    Are you looking for an addition to your wardrobe that stands out from your go-to blue or black jeans and casual loungewear, creating a completely different look? At Venderby's, we sell pants in all the classic colors, but we also have striped pants for those days when you're seeking a different expression in your style. Check out our selection of pants with stripes here on the page.

    Striped pants: Create dynamics in your style

    Pants with stripes add something special to your style. In contrast to solid-colored pants, for example, a pair of black and white striped pants create an exciting contrast and dynamics in your look. You can, for instance, pair the pants with a basic top in white or black, or choose a more colorful top. A pair of black and white striped pants, in particular, go well with most items in your wardrobe.

    If you're having trouble figuring out what complements your pants from Venderby's, you can check the specific pants to see how our models have been styled with tops and get inspired for your own outfit. We put a lot of effort into designing styles that go well together so that your clothing from Venderby's can be easily mixed and matched in various ways.

    Pair your striped pants with a matching top

    Are you the type who likes to go all-in and go for a 100% coordinated look? Then it would be obvious to find a matching top with stripes that can go with your striped pants. Black and white striped pants, for example, can also be paired with a matching blazer. Similar to a classic suit for women, you get a set that matches perfectly and gives off the right, classic business vibes.

    Stripes are also visually appealing on their own – they add some edge and contrast to your outfit, making it more interesting to look at. And this applies whether you choose dark or light pants with stripes. With a pair of striped pants for women, you get a unique addition to your everyday wardrobe that elevates it to new heights with simple means.

    Pants with stripes in all our popular colors

    Black or dark blue pants with thin white pinstripes are some of the most classic options we can think of. Naturally, you can find them in our selection, and it's up to you whether you want to match them with a striped blazer to create a full business look or pair them with a casual hoodie or sweatshirt to achieve a cool and interesting blend of formal and casual.

    Additionally, you can also find pants with stripes in colors like green and beige. They are for those who like the classic stripes but with a different twist that adds personality and edge to your outfit. Striped pants in different colors look great with a solid-colored top in a more neutral shade like gray, white, or black, but you can also pair them with other beautiful colors to create a completely unique and personal look.

    Find a pair of pants with stripes and the perfect fit

    At Venderby's, our mission is to design pants that fit perfectly and make you feel comfortable all day long. That's why our striped pants are always slightly high-waisted and have a close fit at the waist, accentuating your figure. There is more width at the bottom of the legs, creating a beautiful silhouette and ensuring that the pants drape nicely over your shoes. And of course, the fabric is always super comfortable. We've done everything we possibly can to create the most comfortable pants that perfectly align with the current fashion trends and make you appear trendy and fashionable.

    Are you in search of stylish striped pants with a perfect fit that can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion? Then we can confidently promise that you have come to the right place at Venderby's.

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