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Long Pants

Long pants from Venderby's fit perfectly on the body. You'll get a stylish piece for your wardrobe that's perfect for everyday wear. You can find our long pants here in our category that we call TALL, meaning the pants are specially designed for tall women.


Long Pants: Pants for Tall Women

Have you heard that you should be proud of your long legs? Maybe you've even heard that you have "model legs" because "someone" has heard that it's a preferred feature in the modeling industry? Nevertheless, it can be frustrating when shopping for new pants.

At Venderby's, we've designed our TALL series, consisting of pants that are 10 cm longer than our normal length. We've designed them for those lucky enough to have long and beautiful legs. Our long pants give you a fashionable look that aligns with current fashion trends and we guarantee that they fit perfectly on the body.


TALL: Buy Our Long Pants for a Baggy Look

But of course, our long pants aren't just for tall women with long legs. They're also for those who want an extra baggy fit. 10 extra centimeters is a lot, so we recommend you consider it first. But if you have relatively long legs, not to the point where it's impossible to fit into normal pants, and you want a baggy fit, we definitely recommend trying our pants for tall women.


Questions about our long pants?

You're always welcome to contact us if you have questions about our long pants for tall women. It's very important for us to offer our customers the best service. You can reach us on e-mail at hello@venderbys.com.au and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

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