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    22 products

    Loose pants for women

    At Venderby's, we have a wide selection of baggy pants that reflect today's fashion and trends. We always keep an eye on what's happening in the fashion scene, and right now, the trend is for a casual, baggy, and relaxed style. Comfort has become a top priority, and we have responded to that.

    At Venderby's, our mantra has always been that our styles should have the perfect fit. We achieve this in terms of comfort, but the high and tight fit around the waist also shows you off as a modern and stylish woman. Here on the page, you can see our entire selection of baggy pants.

    Specifically about our loose pants for women

    All of our loose pants are in a straight model. Generally, they are all soft in material, which gives you optimal comfort. The pants feel good to wear all day, and you get the feeling of being able to move completely freely - just like if you were wearing sweatpants.

    Since our loose pants are slightly larger than our other items, it is recommended that you go down a size if you want a tight fit around the waist. Here on the page, you will find a wide selection of colors and styles.

    In terms of color, you can find something for any outfit. We have all the classic colors, but you can also add striped models to your wardrobe. Our striped Levi pants, for example, go really well with a beige top.

    Generally, most of our baggy pants have the same expression, but there are differences in the details. Our Vera Wide pants differ from our Levi pants in that they have a beautiful seam in the middle of the leg. This gives these pants a classic look. Our Suit pants also have a classic and formal expression - but with a delicious and modern twist. There are many possibilities with us, and we are sure that you can find the right style here on the page.

    Tight fit - baggy style

    The current Danish fashion scene is generally characterized by a baggy and loose style. Therefore, at Venderby's, we have designed a wide and stylish selection of loose pants for women. As part of our DNA, our baggy pants for women still have a high-waisted and tight fit around the waist. This gives a good dynamic to our pants.

    In other words, we mix the tight with the loose. The tight fit around the hips makes the pants comfortable to wear. The loose fall reflects the current fashion scene and gives you just the relaxed look you want to wear when studying, working, or going out with friends.

    Loose pants for both study and leisure

    At Venderby's, you get a pair of baggy pants that you can always reach for when you need to quickly put together your outfit. With our fashionable loose pants for women, you get a pair of pants that are not only comfortable but also fashionable in any situation.

    Depending on how you style your loose pants, they can be worn in any situation. For example, for everyday wear, the pants go well with a hoodie or sweatshirt. If you're going out with friends, you can also easily pair the pants with a form-fitting top. With loose pants from Venderby's, you get a pair of go-to pants that you can always rely on if you're unsure about your outfit.

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